CompanyPROSUMENT CLUB Limited LLC, 2510 Warren Ave., 82001 Cheyenne, Wyoming, USA, No 2011-000595774 | Adres w Polsce: Mirosław Kidziński, ul. Rynek 36/2, 58-200 Dzierżoniów
TypeInvestment-Prosument service
Payout | Invoice/Receipt deliverOn demand
Payout optionCredit Pay, PSNEwallet
Minimum payout13 USD
Payout delay24 hours
Pros & cons (subjective evaluation)Unique products and mechanism of action of Service | Difficulties in contact with the service, Unpredictability of the date of the closing cycle, Negative opinions on changes in the conditions of the program and the introduction of new products, which slow down the closing of the old cycles (manipulation investors)
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