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CBR FREE ver. 1.0 Windows | All functionalities are preserved, but only Adsense is supported » Descryption of download & installation

Attention! Friendly possibility of barter! You will receive account with six-month access to CBR applications for review on Your own site (blog, portal or social profile) or account with annual access for review and mailing to the base of Your readers! There is also the opportunity to submit Your own programs! We are open to individual proposals. Please contact us

Tool to facilitate the work of investors, freelancers, authors and publishers who sell their content through e-learning services, people earning money through affiliate programs, affiliate networks, mlms, revshares etc., and players betting on sports at online bookmakers.
A list of all Your earning, investment and betting accounts in one window!
Cumulative and single update of balances on demand or in the background in the selected period of time through the API or HTTP/S, depending on the capabilities of the system – see below. » More
Accounts exceeding the minimum payment highlighted in green!
3 currency ballances: USD, EUR, PLN!
Encrypted file with Your logins and passwords on Your device! This sensitive data isn’t stored on the external server as in the case of the controversial technology called cloud computing used to create web applications! » More
Opportunity to submit new programs and features to help us develop this practical tool!
The ongoing phase of test and development of the application is used to measure the demand for the service. Only manual payment is available (no automatic payment processors). » More… 

The first version of Cash Balance Reader was created for Windows. The second version will be prepared in accordance with the following result of the survey ↓

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